Doomwire is a Lobby-driven Multiplayer client for Chocolate-Doom.

It provides players with a central point to set up multiplayer cooperative or deathmatch games (either LAN or Internet based)
aswell as an environment for players to chat.

Latest Beta: 0.2 Beta9
NOTE: You'll need the latest Chocolate-Doom to use Doomwire and you'll need to unblock a UDP port (default is: 2342) on your router if you are hosting games.
Chocolate-Doom is still under development, contact the Author (fraggle) if you find any bugs while using it.
19 Apr 2005 - Doomwire release imminent..
Well, not really, but I'm getting close to releasing 0.1

The current changelog is growing enormously in size, alot of shit has been fixed/adjusted/changed/had the shit beaten out of it/etc...

Anyway, rules section updated, I'll add a staff page when I finally get around to doing stuff on the website.
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