Doomwire is a Lobby-driven Multiplayer client for Chocolate-Doom.

It provides players with a central point to set up multiplayer cooperative or deathmatch games (either LAN or Internet based)
aswell as an environment for players to chat.

Latest Beta: 0.2 Beta9
NOTE: You'll need the latest Chocolate-Doom to use Doomwire and you'll need to unblock a UDP port (default is: 2342) on your router if you are hosting games.
Chocolate-Doom is still under development, contact the Author (fraggle) if you find any bugs while using it.
Shitlist = permanent ban, never gets removed.
Ban = exclusion from the channel, possibly temporary.

Rules for Doomwire users to:


1. Try not to piss the operators off, or you will suffer a fate worse than death (you'll suffer a fate much worser if you annoy Russell).
2. What a channel op says, goes, they run the channel, not you.
3. Op/voice begging is not allowed.

Other Doomwire users:

1. Be curteous/polite/etc to other users in the channel.
2. Join in on channel conversation, bring in friends and people who are interested in playing games with Doomwire :)
3. Do not post loads of useless text into the channel (such as bash.org quotes), since they fill up logs and waste disk space.
4. Offtopic discussion is ok, but politics/religious discussion isn't, go somewhere else if you want to talk about politics.
5. Racism/hate/threatening/harassment of any sort will result in a ban, then if the ban is lifted and you decide to come back and repeat any of those, you just earned yourself a shitlist.
6. Arguments about "x program is better than Doomwire" isn't tolerated.
7. Discussion about (selling) drugs, trading/linking warez/warez sites, linking porn sites (or disturbing/disgusting sites such as rotten) in the channel is strictly forbidden.
8. Discussion/anything discussed in relation to beastiality/rape/incest/pedophilia/etc in the channel is forbidden too.
9. If another user is abusing/harassing/annoying you, tell an op who is currently active (they have an @ in front of their nick) in the channel or drop deathz0r/Russell a message.
10. Attempting to exploit the program in any way will result in a shitlist

We try hard to keep Doomwire a safe, happy, friendly place.
Please, think about doing the same. :)