Doomwire is a Lobby-driven Multiplayer client for Chocolate-Doom.

It provides players with a central point to set up multiplayer cooperative or deathmatch games (either LAN or Internet based)
aswell as an environment for players to chat.

Latest Beta: 0.2 Beta9
NOTE: You'll need the latest Chocolate-Doom to use Doomwire and you'll need to unblock a UDP port (default is: 2342) on your router if you are hosting games.
Chocolate-Doom is still under development, contact the Author (fraggle) if you find any bugs while using it.
22 Jan 2007 - New version
Doomwire-02beta9-bin.zip has been released.

Changelog excerpt:
[Y+] Addition of Demo Playback support, using it is quite simple, check the Doomwire menu for it.
[Y*] Resort the list on channel user mode changes (from voice/op to voice/op etc)
[Y*] Allow /clear and easter eggs to be used without being connected.
[Y*] All windows/dialogs should be now central to the main window when opened.
[Y*] Shrink Host Game window so it will take up less screen space, same goes for config window

Not many changes this build and the following ones, I'm basically cleaning up Doomwire so I can get it to 0.2 release.

As a side-note, Odamex has had 0.1 alpha released, go check it out if you're into client/server gaming aswell! :)

PS. This website needs fixing in areas, I know.
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27 Dec 2006 - Did you think you would see the last of me?!


Excerpt from changelog:

[Y*] Removal of Dedicated option from host game window (its removed permanently now)
[Y*] Removal of fraglimit from host game window, chocolate-doom (and vanilla) don't have the option
[Y*] Update timelimit to user -timer rather than -timelimit (it was a zdoom CLI argument)
[Y*] Fix Oldsync overwriting the Dedicated param (which now does not exist anymore)
[Y*] Add nomonster and monsters respawn option in host game window
[Y*] Fix a mistake of 1 pwad file only being loaded
[Y*] Replace Items respawn checkbox with a "Deathmatch 2.0" option in host game window
[Y*] Position widgets nicely in host game window
[Y*] Added Skill 0 support (this means that monsters, items and decorations will NOT appear in game)

EDIT: if you downloaded this version earlier before seeing this message, please redownload it, the "older" version won't be able to connect.
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03 Dec 2006 - Doomwire source is available.
This should've been released long ago.

A link to the subversion repository as follows: svn://mancubus.net:3693/doomwire
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06 Oct 2006 - a side note
this will be the last build I post on the website:

the latest builds will be available on: irc.oftc.net #chocolate-doom
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21 Sep 2006 - Whats up you say..
You have probably been wondering what I've been doing while I was away.
I've been busy creating CodeBlocks projects for half of the doom ports out there (Well, not literally, only Chocolate-Doom so far)

Which means, as you can guess, Chocolate-Doom builds! Yes, heres.....*drum roll* r638

If you want to create your own builds, you can get the CodeBlocks project and workspace files off the Chocolate-Doom SVN repository (You will need the latest nightly builds of CodeBlocks in order to compile it successfully, RC2 is too old these days)
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15 Sep 2006 - heh
ODAMEX <- what is it?
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03 Sep 2006 - A Fix
People have told me about a problem with chocolate-doom r569 that fullscreen mode doesn't work.

To fix this, go to libsdl.org and get the latest versions of SDL, SDL_mixer and SDL_net and overwrite the ones you have in your chocolate-doom directory.

This should solve the problem.
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31 Aug 2006 - comments removed
sorry guys, but I had to enable comments from registered users.

blame the spambots for it.
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14 Aug 2006 - Chocolate-Doom
Anarkavre has built a new svn revision of chocolate-doom, which fixes some minor game issues aswell as making sure music plays properly.

A new installer has been created aswell, download it from the link the the header or downloads section of this site.

Doomwire has been dead, yes, its obvious from the lack of updates.
Reason being is that my course is a real time consumer, I've been learning a shitload of C lately too, the real mind workout is this COBOL language, which I think is useless nowadays (do you think businesses still use it? :P).

There probably won't be any updates for a while, unless I can unglue myself from my other project, check it here.

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17 Jun 2006 - Various stuff

I am in the process of creating an installer (including the latest chocolate-doom version) and seperate setup program for Doomwire, opinions? add it to the comments link at the end of this post.

Also, anarkavre has been generous enough to build another unofficial chocolate-doom build for us, get it here: 558

This is all for now, I am at my course doing work and whatnot, so don't expect too many updates soon.

EDIT: The installer is now available (0.2beta6 with chocolate-doom r558) above and in the downloads section.
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12 Jun 2006 - beta6
Hello again

Beta6 is out, not thoroughly tested though, so if you have problems, switch back to 5 (but remember to email me about the issues first!)

Check the changelog for more information.
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31 May 2006 - Another screenshot?!
Greetings again.

Another quick screenshot to show that I am not twiddling my thumbs ;)

Back to it, 'tis still a very work in progress...
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30 May 2006 - Woops
No new version of doomwire JUST yet (I hope you guys can hold on!)

However, anarkavre has built another new chocolate-doom version, get it here: r546

Doomwire is coming along nicely, but its a slow process moving stuff around and fixing bugs in the process.
I'll try to keep you guys updated.

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26 May 2006 - An update
No beta this time, but anarkavre has kindly built a new chocolate-doom version to use with Doomwire, get it here.

A status update on Doomwire though, I have decided to turn doomwire into a dialog based application rather than having everything in a single window with tabs.
A WIP screenshot is here.

Anyway, happy fragging and be sure to email fraggle abput any bugs you find while playing chocolate-doom.
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22 May 2006 - Beta 5
Guten tag, Beta 5 is out.
Get it from the download's section or the conveniently placed link at the top.

Some website changes (more to come, nothing really interesting at the moment)

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14 May 2006 - beta4 here
Greetings all.

A new beta has been released, it incorporates some major fixes with starting games using pwad's and whatnot (for more info, check out changelog.txt in the doc dir in the zip file)

Once a new chocolate-doom build comes out, we should see some of the limitations with Doomwire removed (not being able to specify port number for example) aswell as new features like importing a delimited $DOOMWADDIR environment variable to configure paths and such.

Anyway, happy testing, be sure to drop me an email if you find a bug.
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13 May 2006 - Beta's galore
Greetings, version 0.2 beta 3 is now out for you to test.
Lots of small changes, mainly annoyance fixes and whatnot

Get it here. or from the downloads page if you're not lazy...

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13 May 2006 - Doomwire is back.
Yes, it is back, and better than ever...

But with a twist, I've completely eliminated zdoom support in favour of chocolate-doom, a true oldschool doom port and also easier to maintain doomwire with.

Alot of stuff has changed since the last versions, I am now working on version 0.2, which should incorporate a load of new features and address some bugs and stability issues.

Also, an svn repository has been set up (thanks manc) to help with the process.

EDIT: oh hell, heres 02beta2
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15 Sep 2005 - Removed old downloads..
because people weren't smart enough to NOT download the older versions, which has major flaws, the sourcecode has also been removed because noone will want to touch it anyway.

I am not working on the project anymore, but the website will hopefully remain here for what ever reason.

I am working with a team who is developing something far superior.
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19 Jun 2005 - minor update
Back, somewhat

I've uploaded a new build of Doomwire, redownload Doomwire-test.zip from the downloads section

The help section on this website has had some minor updates done to it aswell, check it out.

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30 May 2005 - Not officially back, but..
I've put the test release in the downloads section.

Also, as of now, beta 10 is OBSOLETE, if you have it, UPDATE IT!

Anyway, bye :P
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22 May 2005 - A break
I've decided to stop working on Doomwire for a while, so I can get my real life back into motion.

Changes have been made since the test release in the last post (which alot of people mistook for release 0.1, sorry about that).

Currently the test release is fully operational, I've uploaded a new build of it (which is the same link), it fixes problems with non-doomwire users changing their nicknames, causing an upset in the client list.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I get back into working on the project again, might be a month or 2, you'll soon know when I update again.

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06 May 2005 - Guten Tag
or something...

Doomwire is coming along nicely, lots of stuff has been added, major improvements to the code have been made, online help has been completed (but needs changes in areas) and added on the website.

New screenshots will be up after I make this post (I hope)

Changelog following...

0.1 Release:
[Y+] Singleplay mode added.
[Y*] Fixed the annoying "beep when hitting enter after typing text" problem
[Y+] Demo recording added
[Y+] Teamplay added, including Damage setting.
[Y+] The taskbar will flash if another client has started a game with you (disabled by default in config tab)
[Y+] A beep will be heard if someone started a game with you (disabled by default in config tab)
[Y*] Autoscroll problem with chat display window fixed
[Y*] Quitting uses Quit(Reason) rather than a forced disconnect, I had to originally use it because the other method would crash the client,
but this has been resolved. (This could also fix alot of other problems aswell, client-wise).
[Y*] A bug that if you continuously load dwc configurations containing 1 or more pwad files, it would keep adding copies of them
to the list box, this has been resolved.
[Y*] A bug occured that if a user was opped/voiced multiple times, copies of the user would get added to the nick list, this has been resolved.
[Y*] Changed the server from irc.mancubus.net to irc.acidchat.net
[Y*] Changed game signature, older clients will now be incompatible (including beta10).
[Y*] Added checking for older Doomwire versions when someone starts a game.
[Y*] Bug that if you loaded a config containing pwads, then loaded one NOT containing pwads, the additional wads from the first one
would still be there, this has been fixed.
[Y*] Replaced PWAD path box, now you can add all your PWAD paths and Doomwire will search each dir listed for the pwad files.
(For hosting games, the first entry in the pwad search listbox is your main PWAD directory)
[Y*] Standard users cannot start games with ops/voices anymore, only ops can start a game, to prevent game spamming
(However, ops/voices can start games with other ops/voices)
[Y*] PWAD paths are now shown in the "Additional PWAD files" box on the host game tab
[Y*] Added coloured (yes, COLOURED! :P) text onto various controls of the program, to highlight whether they are mandatory or not (RED TEXT = Required)
[Y+] Doomwire can now detect other Doomwire clients, no more guessing who has the right client or not.
[Y+] Added a listbox for detected Doomwire clients, so you can start games using this, which is much easier.
[Y*] Added checking for selecting more than 7 clients from the Doomwire client list, the 8th client will be unselected automatically.
[Y*] Added checking so your nick will not get added to the Doomwire client list upon connection.
[Y+] User can now specify a timeout for connecting on the configuration page.
[Y+] Hint balloons have been added, hover mouse over a button/textbox/list to see help about it.
[Y+] Added a combobox on the config page for selecting a prefered server to connect to (note: same channel, same network, different server)
[Y*] No more Font colour buttons on config page, select the font colour when choosing a font.
[Y*] For all you crazy low res users out there, Doomwire now fits on an 800x600 screen
[Y+] Ignore list feature (will block messages, private messages, actions, private actions, game requests and player lookup), right click on user list.
[Y*] Upgraded the message system for clients receiving game invitations, even though this is not a feature, it will make future additions to the Doomwire
message system easier.
[Y*] Changed the way text input is handled, it used to break alot of stuff when things were added, so now there is no more hardkore char by char processing.
[Y+] Minimize to tray is back, if doomwire is minimized to the tray and someone starts a game with you, the icon will flash, I can't remember why I removed this feature in the first place.
[Y+] Player lookups can be done on users to see information about them (including email, website address, additional information, location etc)
[Y*] I have moved the Doomwire client list from the host game tab to the chat tab, this is mandatory for alot of reasons, unfortunately.

So as you can see, alot of stuff has changed since the last version, security/zdoom game/feature-wise, I'm still on the hunt for bugs and stuff, trying to make this as stable and secure as I can.

EDIT: btw, if you want to try out the test release, download it here,
unzip all files to the doomwire directory and overwrite, then connect up.

I will also not be here this weekend, as I am taking a trip down south, so I will see you all when I get back on sunday :)
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19 Apr 2005 - Doomwire release imminent..
Well, not really, but I'm getting close to releasing 0.1

The current changelog is growing enormously in size, alot of shit has been fixed/adjusted/changed/had the shit beaten out of it/etc...

Anyway, rules section updated, I'll add a staff page when I finally get around to doing stuff on the website.
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17 Apr 2005 - Alright
Finally, no more lame html editing, news script baby!

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17 Apr 2005 - Wunderbar!
Doomwire news active! Jahaha.
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